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Pastoral, social and medical support

Pastoral, social and medical support


We are committed to equality. We aim for every pupil to fulfil their potential no matter what their needs. St Giles is committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and families.


View our Statement of intent for more information.


Curriculum Support


Darley Churchtown prides itself in being wholly inclusive and we endeavour to support every child regardless of their level of need.


All pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level and a pace that is appropriate to their abilities. At times and when it is felt appropriate, modifications to the curriculum may be implemented. 


To successfully match pupil ability to the curriculum there are some actions we may take to achieve this:


  • Ensure that all pupils have access to the school curriculum and all school activities.
  • Help all pupils achieve to the best of their abilities, despite any difficulty or disability they may have.
  • Ensure that teaching staff are aware of and sensitive to the needs of all pupils, teaching pupils in a way that is more appropriate to their needs.
  • Pupils to gain in confidence and improve their self-esteem.
  • To work in partnership with parents/ carers, pupils and relevant external agencies in order to provide for children’s special educational needs and disabilities.
  • To identify at the earliest opportunity, all children that need special consideration to support their needs (whether these are educational, social, physical or emotional)
  • To make suitable provision for children with SEND to fully develop their abilities, interests and aptitudes and gain maximum access to the curriculum.
  • Ensure that all children with SEND are fully included in all activities of the school in order to promote the highest levels of achievement.
  • To promote self-worth and enthusiasm by encouraging independence at all age and ability levels.
  • To give every child the entitlement to a sense of achievement.
  • To regularly review the policy and practice in order to achieve best practice.


Looked After Children with SEN


We recognise there are particular groups of pupils whose circumstances require additional consideration by those who work with them to support their SEN. As a group, looked after children are nine times more likely to have a special educational need (SEN) than the general pupil population. The majority of looked after children have SEN and it is important that all children with SEN receive the educational provision which meets their needs.


At Darley Churchtown, the Executive Headteacher and Head of school work closely with the SENCO and class teachers to ensure everyone across our school understands the implications for those children who are looked after and have SEN. These children are closely monitored and we strive to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs make the best possible progress.


If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact our office  to arrange an appointment or you may contact our SENCo, Sian on


Medical Needs


A child with medical needs may require an Individual Health Care Plan so that all staff are aware of their needs and how they may affect the child's every day life. These are completed with parents/ carers, staff and our SENCo.


 A child with a medical need may not necessarily have a SEN need; usually the school can make adjustments so the medical need does not affect the daily learning or outcomes for the child.

Further information including St Giles policy for medication is available on the website.