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Times Tables

A strong and fluent knowledge of times tables (including the division facts) is essential as our children apply their learning as they progress through our maths curriculum. We teach our children multiplying and division facts and have an established programme of times table fluency so that our children know and remember more.


Our children start learning to count in multiples of 2s before following the sequence below.


  • x2, x5 and x10 
  • x3, x4 and x6
  • x7, x8 and x9
  • all tables up to x12

From, Year 3 onwards, all of our children work their way through our times table challenge. As they get a better understanding of their tables they can achieve their bronze award, before moving onto silver, gold, platinum and, eventually, diamond.



BronzeSilverGoldPlatinumPlatinum +Diamond
x2, x5 & x10x3, x4 & x8x6, x7 & x9All tables to x12All tables to x12 plus introduction to decimalsx 0.1, x 0.01 and hundreds
Expected Y2Expected Y3Expected Christmas Y4Expected June Year 4Expected Year 5Expected Y5/6


It's not an easy task though. To get their certificate and badge children have to pass three challenging tests consecutively without a single mistake.


You can see some examples of the times tables challenges below which you can use at home.


We report on your child's tables fluency every term as we work together to ensure all of our children know, remember and use their tables.

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